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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Berries of the Wayfaring Tree

Gold-leaved wayfaring tree is "on" all year: White flowers in May, gold foliage Spring to Fall, unusual evergreen "place saver" leaves that tip the branches all Winter—and, in high Summer, clusters of colorful berries.

Viburnum lantana Aureum berries hand 081315 320

And yet, for a plant that is so rewarding season after season, year by year, I hadn't yet stopped to appreciate the berries until now. Ah, the reasons!


The Best Season Ever: 'Panache' Canna in Bloom

This canna's leaves are blue—well, bluish—and as elegant as any leaf so large that a banana plant might bear it could ever be. Its flowers, though, are elegant without caveat or qualifier: subtle and complex, voluptuous and generous—yet, paradoxically, restrained and even ascetic. 

Canna glauca Panache flower hand 082315 320

No wonder this cultivar is named 'Panache'. 


Perry's Giant Sunburst lotus in bloom

During the night, the bud in the previous post completed its transformation into a flower.

Nelumbo nucifera Perrys Giant Sunburst flower day one from side 081315 320

By morning, the green sepals had relaxed outward and downward, letting the pristine white petals expand and begin to open. Already, the flower is larger than many a grapefruit—and, yet, its fully-open form and size are still to come.


Perry's Giant Sunburst lotus in ravishing leaf and bud

By August, the competition to be noticed is at its peak. Perennials are at their height, while annuals and tropicals are within inches of overtaking them. Thanks to its enormous leaves held high above the water and, of course, its staggering flowers, this lotus is never less than a star. 

Nelumbo nucifera Perrys Giant Sunburst 081215 320

Even in bud—as here—the excitement is already intense: In just another day or two, another of the flowers will dazzle us. 


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