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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: White-flowered Swamp Mallow

Perennial hibiscus flowers appear Summer into Fall, with the final buds of the season when nights dip into the 40s. Those forms with flowers in shades of pink and rose often begin to clash with the yellows and oranges of the season's early Fall foliage.




The pure white flowers of this cultivar of swamp mallow, Hibiscus coccineus 'Moon Moth', combine with all hot colors, any time. Electric orange dahlias in a sweltering August? Early yellows of maple foliage at the chilly end of September? These flowers are in style as handsomely one month as the next.


The narrow base of the white petals gives enough space to see pointed segments of the flower's bright green calyx, while the hint of cream at each petal's base seems to be reflecting color from the high-intensity show of the central spike of pollen-heavy stamens.  


Here's how to grow a hybrid of swamp mallow, Hibiscus coccineus, with velvet mallow, H. grandiflora. The hardiness and handling of H. coccineus 'Moon Moth' are similar.

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