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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: False Nettle

This perennial's striking foliage and late-Summer flower tassels ensure its star power from mid-Spring to Fall. More subtle is the cold-season display of slender bare stems. I didn't quite grasp their visual impact until I was, literally, about to grasp a fistful and cut them off as part of Spring clean-up.


Just in time, it hit me: These stems are gracefully erect—and are a show that is contrastingly Giacometti-like compared to this plant's dense and tropical look when the stems are clothed with dramatic toothy foliage. And they are as intact and "on point" as ever despite a Winter of historic severity and endurance.


Boehmeria platanifolia 041915 640


Looking more closely at these attractive brown stems, you can see that their pairs of huge leaves fell away quite cleanly as cold weather descended, leaving scars so small and flat that they don't interrupt the stems' stylish upward thrust.


Boehmeria platanifolia closer 041915 640


It's already time to cut the stems off at ground level, because the season's crop of new shoots is just emerging. And—who knew?—those are pink. This perennial's year-round performance is, truly, 365. I'll show off the new shoots in a subsequent post. Stay tuned!



Here's how to grow Boehmeria platanifolia. 

Here's a look at its intriguing tassel-like flower spikes.

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