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The Best Season Ever: Short-flowered Sinningia in Bloom

Sinningia curtiflora fingers 092015 915 


Sinningias are bullet-proof container specimens; mine are nearing eight years, and are more enthusiastic than ever. This short-flowered species is the last to flower. Palest green spikes of fuzzy buds reveal shiny orange-red blooms with tantalizing sequentiality, higher and higher.


Sinningia curtiflora 092015 cropped 915


Eager dense stems bear profuse fuzzy leaves that, for me at least, remain pristine the entire season.


Sinningia curtiflora foliage 082018 915


Sinningia curtiflora would make excellent groundcover where this species is hardy: South of Washington, DC.




Here's how to grow the omega to this species' alpha, Sinningia tubiflora. Its slender blinding-white blossoms are four inches long. Its hardiness and handling are similar.


Here's one of the other essential sinningias, Bananas Foster. Try Towering Inferno, too.

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