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The Best Season Ever: The Mature 'Vermont Gold' Norway Spruce

Fifteen years ago, this dwarf spruce was the size of a mango—and its needles weren't very golden. Seven years ago, it was the size of a baby watermelon—and its needles still weren't very bright. Welcoming it to the garden was an act of faith. True, planting any plant is an act of faith.


Picea abies Vermont Gold 070318 915


Seeing this Picea abies 'Vermont Gold' now, why did I ever worry? That green-with-just-a-hint-of-yellow mango-then-cantelope is six feet across and totally aglow.


And is it ever flat! Below, the scene through the tops of the containers of two conservatory specimens that, these past few years, find their best summer homes at its front: the giant potato vine and the thornless prickly pear.  


Picea abies Vermont Gold from side 070218 915


Just once did the tree develop a vertical leader, but I pruned it off. Ever since, it's been smooth sailing or, rather, creeping outward, imperceptibly but invincibly.


In another year or two, I'll position the tubs of the potato vine and prickly pear a few inches farther outward for that summer. In another few years, a few farther still.    




Here's how to grow Picea abies 'Vermont Gold'.


Here's how vivaciously it pairs with tubbed specimens of Arundo donax 'Golden Chain' & Solanum wendlandii.


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