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Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Foliage of 'Cool Knip' Torch Lily



The foliage of torch lilies can be a sometime thing when Winter descends.  But as long as the weather remains comparatively mild, the clumps of strappy leaves are a welcome touch of evergreen in a garden that inevitably becomes more and more leafless by the New Year.


Even the medusa-like disorder of this large old clump of Kniphofia 'Cool Knip' will become a plus—after I prune the yew hedge in the background, and give the Thuja occidentalis 'Gold Ribbon' at the left its yearly training as a spiral.  The strict and blatantly artificial geometry of the hedge and the spiral will emphasize the wildness of the Kniphofia clump.  The synergism of order-next-to-disorder will make all three plants look more striking.


Here's how to grow 'Cool Knip' torch lily, and to see the clump in flower in high Summer. 

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