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Cinderella Crabapple in Bud in Spring

This is my first full year in the company of three standards of Cinderella crab apple; by the time I received them last Spring they were already in flower. Cinderella is a dwarf and, in contrast to its belle-of-the-ball cultivar name, in Winter its leafless branches, thick and gnarly, reach skyward like claws of a barely closed fist: perfect for catching heavy Winter snows and displaying them securely.


In Spring, the foliage returns the canopy to full fluffiness. It is soon spangled with bright red buds that give no hint that they will change to pure white when fully open. 


Malus Cinderella 042716 640


In the near-freezing temperature of the morning, the petals are so tightly furled that the interiors of the flowers are obscured. Turning white isn't simply a matter of exposing a white interior while leaving the still-red outer surfaces of the petals facing backward and, mostly, out of sight. The backsides of the unfurled petals change to white as well. After all, this cultivar is named Malus 'Cinderella' not, say, 'Carmen'.


Malus Cinderella buds closer 042716 640


I'll post a full profile of this tree in full flower, showing that an even more appropriate fairy tale name for this cultivar would have been Snow White.


Here's how dignified and stalwart standards of Malus 'Cinderella' look during the heavy snows of Winter.

Here's how full of promise Cinderella is when in bud in Spring.

Here's how dignified and yet sociable Cinderella is when surrounded by a full throng of colorfully-foliage plants in Summer.



I'll post further seasonal peaks of Cinderella—and include a full profile—soon.

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