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In Flower: Gold-leaved Winterhazel


Weeks before the sensational gold foliage emerges, the flowers of this winterhazel cultivar dangle seductively from bare branches. The burgundy-brown bud scales were already separating a bit way back in January. Three months later, they've opened fully, releasing the pendulous raceme of bell-shaped flowers. 


In every detail, the display is worth the wait.




Not one but two pairs of bracts are the prelude to the flowers themselves. Like the handkerchief waved between the fingertips as the courtiers bow ever lower, each pair flaunts a tiny fuzzy accessory. Its feathered edge sports a picotee border of the very same burgundy-brown of the bud scales. These are the shrub's young leaves.




The five-petaled flowers are a more saturated yellow than the bracts. 




Five buff-colored anthers steal the show from the single and barely-visible yellow pistil.





The anthers of the straight species, Corylopsis spicata, are reported to be burgundy-brown. What a thrill that would be, to have the same contrast with yellow-green as happens in the picotee-edged accessory bracts. Perhaps the anthers of Corylopsis spicata 'Aurea'—where 'Aurea' refers to the gold foliage—have also been bitten by the gold bug, and are so much paler in consequence.


I'll report back as I'm able to survey (and savor!) this season's performance of green-leaved winterhazels in the area.


Here's how to grow Corylopsis spicata 'Aurea', plus pictures of the glowing-gold foliage it features from mid-Spring into Fall. 


Here's how full of life the flowerbuds of winterhazel are even in the dead of Winter.

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