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never seen before & figuring out how to make them perform.- The Boston Globe

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or just about any other place where concrete consumes

the dirt and skyscrapers shield the sunshine.- USA Today


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Louis tries to capture the exact words to describe the fleeting but deep pleasures to be found in these Summer-into-Autumn incredibles.


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Plant Profiles

Today in the Garden of a Lifetime: Fall Foliage of Climbing Asparagus



The curtain of climbing asparagus, so rich a green in warm weather, has flamed bright yellow with the early frosts of Fall.  That same chill has caused the shiny burgundy foliage of 'Velvet Cloak' smokebush to deepen even further. 


As striking as it was in Summer, the contrast between the two is now even more dramatic.




The heavy bean-shaped pods are of trumpet vine, which helps form the roof of the pergola that the Asparagus verticillatus is curtaining.



Here's how to grow this ultra-hardy but graceful vine.


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