Plants are at the heart of any garden. 

But no garden can have every one, so there are always more to discover. 

Meet them here, at LouisThePlantGeek.com, where I celebrate must-have plants that are as uncommon as they are astonishing.

There’s no limit to the excitement—the shock, surprise, joy, deep comfort—that they can provide.  More color, texture, personality. 

More diversity of talent and display.  More peaks of bloom year-round.

More fun!

And so with these plants, there’s no limit to how uncommon & astonishing a garden itself can become.  More exuberant abandon.  More cool restraint. 

A more uncompromising vision.  A higher-flying freedom.

I’m Louis Raymond, the Plant Geek.  Garden as I garden—so then, for you too, there’s always something more.


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