New England Home Design Blog, Winter 2015

"New England Home" Design Blog: Dead-Of-Winter in the Garden

When Winter was at its worst, some things in the garden are at their best.


Here's the tree to visit when Winter is at its whitest and roughest: The crazy trunk and writhing limbs of North America's oldest, biggest contorted beech are most dramatic when the snow's the deepest.


Fagus sylvatica Tortuosa w Louis 031515 640


See the full post here.



Here's the hedge to prune in the middle of Winter, when every opportunity to get out into the garden is golden: 


Fagus grandifolia hedgetop afterpruning far focus 020415 640


See the full post here.



The snow will never be too deep for this giant sequoia, the largest one east of the Rockies.


Louis Raymond embracing sequoia trunk 020315 640


See the full post here.


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